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The Rule of Thirds – Chantel Guertin

Books November 20, 2016


This is my first review of a YA novel. I’m embarrassed to admit that I used to be one of those foolish people that turned up their noses at YA. But no more! After befriending a highly talented YA writer my opinion changed drastically. On top of that, my friend Sarah Essak’s blog post for Tundra helped me realize my unfair bias as well (there is a lot of fluff out there–why just isolate it to YA). Now I embrace it whole-heartedly and will hopefully bring you more this year.

I happened upon the Chantel Guertin series by complete accident by attending the launch of the third book in her Pippa Greene series with my blogging pal Jessica Lewis. I think the only reason I agreed to go was because the launch was held at one of my favourite bars in Toronto, Get Well. I was also promised a visit to the new Harry Potter bar (The Lockhart) afterwards which didn’t disappoint (more on that later). I was naive and only picked up the first book in the series to be sure I would enjoy it and I’m certainly kicking myself now for not picking all of them up. I will definitely remedy this by purchasing Depth of Field and Leading Lines next time I’m back in Toronto. And how amazing are those covers! ECW Press always have such beautiful and thoughtful covers and the Pippa Greene series is no exception.

I think I fell in love with Pippa right away as she reminded me of a camera-toting friend in high school. Furthermore, Pippa as a character was just so believable, she made all the mistakes a teenager would make yet I never felt annoyed or in disbelief with some of her questionable decisions. I think the fact that her best friend is a model is a hyperbolized version of what most teenage girls feel about that glamorous friend, it’s certainly something I can relate to.

I’m going out on a limb and assuming a lot of the crappy things that happened (photos and electronics being stolen) will be resolved in the coming books so I wasn’t dissatisfied with the novel ending on a cliffhanger.

Perhaps this is vapid of me to point out, but I really loved meeting the beautiful Chantel Guertin. I’d remembered seeing her on the Marilyn Dennis show (yes…I’d catch an episode here or there while on the treadmill) and I think had even employed some of her makeup tips in the past with great success–and that’s saying something because I’m pretty hopeless with makeup. She was so gracious and didn’t seem remotely phased that I just walked up to her and gushed about her Maje skirt–for anyone who knows me, Maje is one of my favourite French brands after discovering them on an exchange in 2008. I can’t be blamed though, it was a pretty spectacular ensemble (how did I manage to cut off her shoes!?).


I listened to the Julie Ruin a lot while reading this novel. It was apt seeing as I listened to so much Le Tigre in high school.


Hermès- Eau de pamplemousse rose Moisturinzing Balm (face and body)

Beauty, Lifestyle June 19, 2015


I espied this luxurious looking balm online a month or two ago on the Symphony of Silk instagram and decided I would treat myself once I was back in Toronto and had a chance to drop into the Hermès. This is not something I would normally buy for myself given the hefty price for a container of balm (it came to around $80 Canadian dollars or £42), but I’m a bit of a sucker for all things Hermès and the scents were just irresistible. I was looking for something summery and fresh and Eau de pamplemousse rose definitely did the trick. It’s rich and absorbs wonderfully. It has this wonderful finish which reminds me of the Hermès men’s cologne Terre d’Hermès in it’s sort of mineral, vegetal fragrance. However, despite the woody tones it still manages to remain a fresh scent—perfect for the summer. I’ve also used it occasionally on my face and found it to be really nourishing but I definitely wouldn’t use it everyday. The container is the perfect size to take away on a weekend holiday (though obviously it’s not possible to bring in hand luggage as it’s 200 ml).