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Bellwoods Brewery

Lifestyle July 16, 2015


So my fiance and I made a stop at his favourite brewery in Toronto while we were home visiting. It’s probably some of the best beer I’ve ever had–granted though that I’m not a big beer drinker. I remember when if first opened up and lining up half-an-hour before the place even opened to ensure we got a table. The white-picket fence and arrangements of wildflowers in mason jars were always a nice touch given the rather white-washed industrial feel of the place, especially with the glass encased stainless steel fermentation tanks adjacent to the bar. I think the place used to be a auto-shop, in fact. They’ve definitely done a lot more to give the place a sense of warmth with the addition of all the illustrations of some of their limited-run beers. I particularly love the mismatching wooden tables to give the place a bit of a cottage vibe.

It’s definitely become one of the more popular spots for brunch or just a few brews in Toronto. Bellwoods has only been open about two years so we only got to visit a few times before moving to Bristol, but it was definitely one of our favourite destinations for the weekend or to even just pick up a few beers for the week from the bottle shop. It’s definitely not inexpensive beer but given the size of the bottles from the bottle shop, the high alcohol percentage, and the time and labour of a small brewery, it seems fair (although, I’m no expert of course!). Bellwoods is interesting for doing many different types of beers but limited runs of each so there’s always something new to try (and fantastic new artwork to go with it!). Though, that can be a pain if you get particularly attached to one beer and it’s no longer available in the bottle shop. We were also looking into getting some kegs from them for our wedding but we’re not sure if they’ll make that available by next year (our fingers remain firmly crossed). If you ever get a chance I highly recommend Wizard Wolf (and thankfully it’s in steady production)!









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Hermès- Eau de pamplemousse rose Moisturinzing Balm (face and body)

Beauty, Lifestyle June 19, 2015


I espied this luxurious looking balm online a month or two ago on the Symphony of Silk instagram and decided I would treat myself once I was back in Toronto and had a chance to drop into the Hermès. This is not something I would normally buy for myself given the hefty price for a container of balm (it came to around $80 Canadian dollars or £42), but I’m a bit of a sucker for all things Hermès and the scents were just irresistible. I was looking for something summery and fresh and Eau de pamplemousse rose definitely did the trick. It’s rich and absorbs wonderfully. It has this wonderful finish which reminds me of the Hermès men’s cologne Terre d’Hermès in it’s sort of mineral, vegetal fragrance. However, despite the woody tones it still manages to remain a fresh scent—perfect for the summer. I’ve also used it occasionally on my face and found it to be really nourishing but I definitely wouldn’t use it everyday. The container is the perfect size to take away on a weekend holiday (though obviously it’s not possible to bring in hand luggage as it’s 200 ml).